Wearing your Epsilon Jewels

Please be delicate when removing your hand crafted Epsilon Jewels, when showering or undertaking any kind of exercise. Please remove pieces prior to applying make-up, moisturisers, body oils or perfume. Please ensure the jewels do not come in contact with Sunblock the chemicals in Sunblock may cause tarnishing.

Storing your Epsilon Jewels

Prolong the life of your pieces by storing them in the Epsilon Jewellery box when not in use. It is advisable to allow each piece to air when not in use by laying it flat in a jewellery dish or by hanging on a jewellery hook before storing in the Jewellery Box. If your piece has been left unworn for prolonged periods of time, it is advisable to give it a soft polish with a jewellery cloth from time to time.

Please note that layered necklaces and pendants that have metal rubbing against one another may affect the wear of one pieces. Take extra care when storing such pieces. In the case of natural wear, Epsilon Jewels is not responsible for returning or exchanging such pieces.

Wear & Tear

We’re confident in the quality of our product so if you notice that the gold plating on your items are wearing once received please capture images of the wear and send immediately to Note: we will only accept any damaged or items that are wearing incorrectly within one month of receiving.

Please note that this does not include items that have been damaged due to ‘wear and tear’ through misuse or accident (like a bent ring or broken chain), lost items and improper storage of your product or failure to follow the care instructions.